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When I try to log in, I get the "access from your network is denied" error. What do I do?

Open the Network pages in the WebAdmin Settings realm then open the Client IPs page. The Logins from Non-Client IP Addresses option is set to prohibit so users can connect to the Server only from the addresses listed in the Client IP Addresses field (on the same page).

If the Client IP Addresses field was left empty, you still can connect to the Server if you launch your browser on the Server computer itself, and connect locally, using the URL.

If you have not entered anything into the Client IP Addresses field, or if you cannot connect from the IP Addresses listed in that field, and you cannot connect to the server locally, using the URL, then do the following:

1.) Stop the CommuniGate Pro Server

2.) Open the {base}/Settings/IPAddresses.settings file and change the ClientOnly option from YES to NO, and save the updated file.

3.) Start the CommuniGate Pro Server again.