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What does the "unassigned local network address" error mean?

Your CommuniGate Pro server computer has one or several IP (network) addresses assigned to it. Those addresses can be assigned to CommuniGate Pro Domains, and the Domains WebAdmin page shows all Domains with the IP addresses assigned to them.

Usually, the Main Domain has the Assigned IP Addresses setting set to All Available, so all IP Addresses not assigned to secondary Domains are automatically assigned to the Main Domain. If none of your Domains has the Assigned IP Addresses setting set to All Available, then some of your Server IP addresses may not be assigned to any Domain.

When a user connects to the server using a POP or IMAP client and provides just the account name (without the domain name), or when a secure (SSL/TLS) connection has to be established, the CommuniGate Pro Server takes the local IP address the user has connected to and tries to find the Domain that address is assigned to. If that IP address is not assigned to any CommuniGate Pro Domain, then the "unassigned local network address" error is generated.

Open the WebAdmin Settings->General page to see all the Local IP Addresses of your Server. You may have to click the Refresh button to see all addresses. The unassigned IP Addresses are displayed in red.