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WebUser connections return a pink page saying "We do not provide Web Access to this Domain". What do I do?

It is very important to understand that the domain name something.com and mail.something.com are completely different domain names. If your CommuniGate Pro Server has the main Domain mycompany.com, and you are trying to connect to it by typing http://mail.mycompany.com:8100 in your Web browser, you will get the page saying that the CommuniGate Pro Server does not provide access to the mail.mycompany.com Domain.

In most cases, you want the domain names mail.mycompany.com, webmail.mycompany.com, etc. to be just other names (aliases) of the mycompany.com CommuniGate Pro Domain. To specify this, open the mycompany.com Domain Settings page and find the Aliases table. In an empty field, enter the mail.mycompany.com name and click the Update button. Now the CommuniGate Pro Server will know that mail.mycompany.com domain name is just a different name for the mycompany.com Domain it serves. Connection requests specifying the mail.mycompany.com domain name will connect to the mycompany.com CommuniGate Pro Domain, and messages sent to a username@mail.mycompany.com address will be delivered to the account username in the mycompany.com domain.

Note: The WebAdmin interface opens the Server Administrator Interface if the name specified in the browser URL is not a CommuniGate Pro Domain name. This is why connections to the WebAdmin port (8010) can work, while the connections to the WebUser port (8100) return the "pink page".