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I want to call SMTP32.exe to process a message (including headers) that I manually created, but I need an envelope or 'Q' file. What is the syntax/format of the file?

Q - Required - The location of the message file (full path\filename).

H - Required - Host (this must be an IMail host).

S - Required - Sender (fully qualified address)

R - Required - Recipient (fully qualified address). There can be multiple recipients.

T - Optional - Number of delivery attempts - STMP32 will create this line

A - Optional - email address used in SMTP AUTH command. If this line exists, spam checks will be skipped.

N - Optional - Original recipient, this goes into the message as an X-RCPT-TO header.

I - Optional - Message ID number to be placed in header.

W - Optional - Ignored- Working Directory.

E - Optional - Envelope ID from STMPD32 (ENVID parameter)

V - Optional- virus scan flag. Set to 0 for not scanned, 1 for scanned. This is set by STMP32 only if IMail Anti-Virus is installed.

Z - Optional- This is the same as an R line, except this recipient will not be checked against any rules as the Z signifies that this recipient was created as a result of a rule.

L - Optional- This is the list owner when the list is the sender.

B - The IP Address of the server that connected to SMTPD32

O - The number of times the message has been renamed due to an error. O1 has been renamed one time.

U - The Domain sent in the HELO / EHLO to SMTPD32

X - This is the scanned for spam flag. X0 means it has not been scanned, X1 means it has been scanned and should be not scanned again.

Y - This is the attachment scanning flag. Y0 means it has not been scanned for attachments, Y1 means it has been scanned and should not be scanned again.

D - The file is scheduled for deletion by antispam.  D1 means it is marked for deletion.

----versions 10.01 and newer only----

an - Archiving not required

ar - Archiving required

Example Q file:

QC:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Messaging\IMail\spool\D32c9000c03005769.SMD


WC:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Messaging\IMail



NRCPT TO: <userb@domain123.com>