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How do I blacklist a sender's address in MDaemon 12.5 - 13.6 WorldClient?

Method 1: 

Log in to your WorldClient account

Click BlackList 

Note: If the BlackList contact folder is not available in your WorldClient, follow these steps:

Click Options 

Click Folders 

Enable the BlackList contact folder (if using Hide Unsubscribed Folders) 

Click Save

Click New 

Type the sender’s email address you wish to blacklist into the E-mail field 

Click Save and Close 


Method 2: 

Log in to your WorldClient account

Open an email from a sender you wish to place in your BlackList

Mouse over the sender's address

Click Add to BlackList 


Note: When adding a sender’s address to the blacklist folder, MDaemon will reject the message at the SMTP level.


Note: This article requires MDaemon 12.5.x or above