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How do I configure a temporary e-mail address in Axigen?


First we need to be logged in the Webmail interface.

- Click on the "Setttings" link found in the upper right corner of your Webmail interface.

- Click the "Manage temporary emails" link.

- Click the "+Generate" tab of the temporary addresses list to generate a random temporary alias to your account.

Please note that advanced settings regarding the temporary e-mail address creation can be controlled only from the Webadmin interface.

To change the temporary e-mail address settings please take the following steps:

- Login to the Webadmin interface.

- Click the "Domains & Accounts" drop-down button.

- Click the "Manage domains" link.

- Click the "Edit" button corresponding to the domain for which the adjustment of settings is desired.

- Click the "Account Defaults" tab.

- Click the "Quotas and Restrictions" tab.

- Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the "Temporary Email Addresses" section is located.

Please note that separate accounts can have different temporary addresses limitations by using "Account classes"