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How to copy all mail for a particular user

This procedure will work for Imail versions 8.2x-10.02.

For the purposes of this example, we will call the email address we want to monitor 'example@domain.com'.

Create an account on your domain that will collect the mail to and from this user. We'll call it copyme@domain.com.

Then, select the copyme user and go to the Inbound Rules tab.

Create a rule that searches the header of the message for example@domain.com.

Set the rule to Move filtered messages to the 'main' mailbox. (This will capture all of the inbound and outbound traffic concerning this user.

Next, setup a rule that deletes the other e-mail, (or the copyme user account will quickly be full of unwanted messages).

Create a second rule that searches the header for 'does not equal' hncsUHSTWgsjdyebd (or some other very random string of characters).

What we are doing above searching the header for a string of characters that will never exist. If the header does not contain that string of characters, delete the message.

You will need to create this rule directly in a text file named rules.ima located in the mailbox directory of the user account where the copies will be delivered (example: c:\IMail\users\copyame).

There is no option for 'does not equal' in the 'Rules creation' window within IMail Administrator.

The rules.ima file in the copyame directory should now look like:


Go the SMTP Security tab on the SMTP service in IMail Administrator and enable 'Copy All Mail'.

Place the 'copyme@domain.com' email address in the box. Note that it is necessary to stop and restart the SMTP service after the change.

If you are running version 8 or later, you must also stop and restart the Queue Manager service.

NOTE: If you want to add additional email addresses to be monitored, create additional rules on the Inbound Rules tab of the copyme account, but be sure to place them above the 'NUL' rule or the email will be deleted before it can be trapped by the rule.