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How do I enable virus protection in AXIGEN using AVG?

This method applies to AVG 7.5

After dowloading and installing the AVG product, review the configuration file avg.conf for the full list of parameters that can be configured.

In the default configuration AVG will bind on an inet socket with the following address:

After saving the changes in the configuration and starting avgd verify the address and port on which the process binds by using the netstat command.

Note: Please ignore the warning message regarding a missing kernel feature called "dazuko" since it is not required for AVG to function properly with Axigen.


This method applies to AVG 8.5


Starting with AVG 8.5 the default configuration has changed as well as the steps used to modify the AVG configuration.

In AVG 8.5 the default listening port has changed and will need to be reconfigured to use the same port number as AVG 7.5 in order to be able to integrate this product with Axigen.

Issue the following command to configure AVG for listening on the 55555 port:

avgcfgctl -w Default.tcpd.avg.ports="|55555|"

After the configuration of AVG has been modified you will need to restart the AVG service in order to apply the new configuration setting by issuing the following command:

/etc/init.d/avgd restart

Note: AVG 8.5 integrates with Axigen starting from the 7.1.1 release version.