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How do I migrate from MailEnable to Axigen?

Automatic Migration method:

1. First define example.org domain in Axigen from Webadmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Manage Domains.

2. Then enable migration for all accounts from Webadmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Edit -> Account Defaults.

3. Enable and configure automatic migration on the domain level from Webadmin -> Automatic Migration. The IP address must be enclosed between brackets: [X.X.X.X]

4. When automatic migration is used no other users should be defined except for the postmaster account

5. The migration process starts when user@example.org first logs in. In this case the user will log into the Webmail account. He could also use another email client.

6. After user@example.com is authenticated the account is automatically defined in Axigen and messages are migrated.


Manual Migration method:

Manual migration is performed using the CLI interface. This method requires that the user is previously defined in Axigen and the password of the account to be migrated.

1. Define the domain in Axigen from Webadmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Manage Domains

2. Define the user to be migrated from Webadmin -> Domains & Accounts -> Manage Accounts.

3. Log in as admin to the CLI interface using telnet

telnet "Axigen IP address" 7000

4. Authenticate

<login> user admin

<password> "admin pass"

5. Go to domain context

<#> update domain example.org

6.  Issue the migrate command to begin the process or type HELP for more details

<domain#> MIGRATE account user remoteHost remotePort 143 remoteUser user@example.org remotePass secret_pass

The output should be similar to:

Migrating INBOX

211 to migrate

Migrating Drafts

0 to migrate

Migrating Spam

0 to migrate

Migrating Sent

0 to migrate

Migrating Trash

47 to migrate

+OK: command successful