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How do I mount the Axigen storage in a virtual file system on a Windows platform?

The virtual file system represents mounting a hierarchy as a file-system tree under a mount point and a mount scope. The mount point must be indicated as an unused drive letter on your system; the mount scope may be one of the following:

a domain specified by name;

an object in a domain, both specified by name;

a folder in the mailbox in a public folder, account or mailing list in a domain; the domain and the account / mailing list must be specified by name and the folder must be specified by its absolute path withing the mailbox hierarchy;

In order to mount a virtual file system of a domain under Axigen, two approaches are currently available:

1. Using the CLI interface:

Log into the CLI using the telnet application:

telnet 7000

Enter the administrative username:

<login> user admin

 Enter the password:

<password> your_admin_password

Enter the server settings context

<#> config server

Enter the FTP-Backup settings context

<server#> config ftp-backup

Mount a domain with an unused drive letter

<server-ftpBackup#> FILESYSTEM mount Y: domain example.tld


2. Using the Webadmin interface:

Log in to the Webadmin interface with the administrative credentials

Click on "File System Access" under "FTP Backup & Restore" context

Click on "Mount object" button 

Enter the letter for the virtual drive were the Axigen storage will be mounted. This drive letter must be one that is not currently in use.

Select the mount scope as "Domain" from the available drop-down menu

Enter the name of the domain to be mounted in the available text box

Click the "Quick Add" button