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How do I move MDaemon to a new server or OS using a different directory path in MDaemon 14.x? (Part 2 of 2)

Use notepad to edit the following files and map the directory paths to the new directory path.

\MDaemon\app\*.grp (if path references have been made)



\MDaemon\app\cfules.dat (if any content filter rules pointed to a directory)













Install the same version of MDaemon that was installed on the previous server.

**NOTE - The server configuration, user directories, and other modifications are NOT changed when running the installer.

**NOTE - Please be sure the MDaemon service/application is not running on the new server.


Next MDaemon's dirreorg tool must be ran to compile the changes made to the dat/ini files

Open a command prompt

Naviagate to the \MDaemon\App directory using the cd command

Enter dirreorg /f

Start MDaemon


If Outlook Connector or SecurityPlus were installed on the old machine you will need to install them after MDaemon is completely moved over. All your settings for each of those programs are already preserved from when you copied the MDaemon files over. 

If you are changing your IP address(es) in addition to moving, the MDaemon.ini, Domains.dat, and/or Gateways.dat will need to be updated with the new IP address(es). 

If you are using a third party SSL certificate, that certificate will need to be exported from the Windows Certificate Store and moved to the new machine as well in order to continue using it. The above process will not move it for you.