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How do I prioritize e-mail traffic using the delay delivery option provided by Axigen?

Prioritizing e-mail traffic in AXIGEN can be designed via  the delay delivery feature introduced following the 6.x release. Based on the traffic patterns found in your e-mail system architecture you can introduce delay for some data that does not require immediate delivery as to free resources for processing more important e-mails.

This feature is available for definition from the WebAdmin interface -> Security & Filtering -> Acceptance & Routing -> Advanced Settings context. You should select to add a new Acceptance/Routing Rule and from the next context:

- Define an appropriate name for this new rule as to be able to track its contents easier

Also make sure that the Enable this acceptance / routing rule option is selected.

Under the Conditions section define the resources for which the delay policies will be applied. This objects can be sender/recipients accounts or defined based on specific domains.

In the Actions section, using the drop-down box select Delivery -> Delivery Delay and define a time interval using the following format: +[[nnh] nnm]nn[s]


+20s - for adding a 20 seconds delay period

+10m - for adding a 10 minute delay interval

+1h  - adding a 1 hour delay period

After completing the above steps and all the needed details are in place make sure to Save Configuration.