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How do I remove IClient from URL for Web Mail in IMail server?

To set a redirect so Web Messaging users do not have to use \IClient in the URL for Web Messaging:

IMail 11.03 and newer with the MSI installer.

Run the IMail server installer and select Modify and click next

Click the plus sign next to Web Applications

Set the Set iClient as root of the WebSite option to "This feature will be installed on local hard drive".

Then finish the install.

IMail Server v9.x through IMail 11.02

Click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services. The IIS console opens.

Right-click IClient (usually located under Web Site > Default Web Site).

Select Properties. The IClient Properties dialog box opens.

In the Execute Permissions list, click Scripts only.

Copy the directory path in the Local Path box.

Click OK.

Right-click Default Web Site.

Select Properties. The Default Web Site Properties dialog box opens.

Click the Home Directory tab.

Paste the directory path you copied from the IClient dialog box Local Path box into the Default Web Site Properties dialog box Local Path box.

Select the Documents tab and add Default.aspx to the list of default documents.

If you wish to have Web Messaging use port 8383, you can set TCP port on the Web Site tab for the Default Web Site. You will also need port 8383 in the URL for web administration as well:

NOTE: If running v9.2 through 11.02, make sure to also set the site to use .NET 2.0.