MBF Knowledge Base

How to report chronic spam to Arm Research

If you have submitted a particular spam through regular channels and it is still getting past SNF, then you can send Arm Research a sample of that message in a special support request:

Put your Message Sniffer license ID and the words "Chronic Spam" in the subject of your message.

ZIP one or more samples of the message and attach the ZIP file. Zipping the messages will ensure that your submission to us is not filtered out by existing filters. Please send copies of the message in their raw SMTP format -- if at all possible avoid proprietary binary message formats. If you can open the message file and read it in a text editor (like vim or notepad) before you zip it then Arm will also be able to see it.

Describe what you can about the spam, how long and how often you have submitted the spam through normal channels, and any special information you might have about it -- such as any special black rules you might be willing to add to your rulebase or any observations you have made that might make it simpler to filter out this message.

Send the message to support@armresearch.com from your registered email address or an authorized alias or role account. Arm will respond to you once they have reviewed the message samples.