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How do I search for invalid messages in Axigen?

In order to scan mailboxes for invalid messages you will have to use the CLI interface. In order to connect to the CLI interface you can use telnet:

telnet <Axigen IP address> 7000

<login> user admin

<password> qwe123

For a list of available commands, type HELP

+OK: Authentication successful


Then enter the domain context:

UPDATE Domain name <domainName>

+OK: command successful


Now use the FINDINVALIDMSG command in order to scan for faulty messages. The usage of this command is:

FINDINVALIDMSG <accountName> [<accountName>...] [purge] - list and optionally remove faulty messages from specified accounts

For example, if you need to search mailboxes for user1@<domainName> and user2@<domainName> you will have to issue:

<domain#> FINDINVALIDMSG user1 user2

Note: You can add the optional purge which will remove faulty messages if found.