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How do I set up a firewall pattern in IceWarp?

In The Icewarp Mail Server, you can create Different patterns that can be used in other parts of the system. An example of this is to create a Firewall Pattern that can be used to block connections from a specific location. (or to allow communication from specific locations). Below are the steps to create this example:

1- Go to [System] [Advanced] [Patterns].

2- Add a new pattern.

3- name it firewall.

4- In the Items, put the IP address that you want to be part of the pattern there. 

5- Save.

6- Go to [System] [Services] and then open up the Properties and go to the Access Tab.

7- Check the option to "restrict access to all services"

8- Change the Access type to "deny".

9- In the box for the IP addresses, put in [firewall]save the changes and then restart the SMTP services.