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How to set up Autodiscover for SmarterMail

Applies to SmarterMail 10.x - 14.x

NOTE: To utilize autodiscover for e-mail clients, SmarterMail must be configured in IIS (NOT the default web server) and be listening over HTTPS. Therefore, port 443 MUST be available and not blocked by a firewall.

To set up autodiscover for use with SmarterMail you will need to do the following:

Create an A Record in your DNS
Create a SRV Record in your DNS
Create an IIS binding for autodiscover on your SmarterMail server

Creating an A Record

For autodiscover to work, you should create an A record in your DNS for "autodiscover.domain.ext" that points to the IP address of your mail server. For example, set up an A record for "autodiscover.domain.com" that points to the IP address of your mail server (mail.domain.com). In the DNS, the line in your zone file for this A record should look like this:

autodiscover IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (The x's are the IP of your mail server)

Set up a SRV record in DNS

The SRV record that is created should be in the following format: "_autodiscover._tcp.(your domain)" and return the root URL of your email server. The weight and priority should both be zero. The port should be 443 Please check with your DNS provider for instructions on configuring an SRV record for your environment.

Create a Host Header (IIS Binding) for Autodiscover

A binding for autodiscover should be added to your SmarterMail website in IIS that points your autodiscover A record to your SmarterMail installation. As an example, you should have an IIS binding that binds port 80 and 443 to "autodiscover.domain.com." This is added in addition to the IIS binding for "mail.domain.com" as the "mail.domain.com" URL is what you use for setting up your email clients and for access to the Web interface.

From here, you should be able to open Outlook (or other desktop or mobile email client) and simply add the full email address and password and SmarterMail will take care of the rest.

Protocols Returned by Autodiscover

Below is a list of devices and email clients and the protocols they return when seeking autodiscover settings from a mail server:

Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) will only return Exchange ActiveSync
Outlook 2007 and above will return IMAP
Windows 8 mail client will return Exchange ActiveSync