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How to share a folder in Zimbra Web Client (Webmail)

You can share your email folders, address books, calendars and task lists folders in Zimbra Web Client. You can invite a user to share and the user can accept or decline the invitation.

Please note that the Trash or Junk folders can't be shared.

To share a folder:
1.) Right-click on the folder that you want to share.

2.) Click Share Folder.

3.) In the Shared Properties box, select who you want to share with e.g. internal, external or public users.

4.) Depending on with whom you share, take the following steps:

a.) For Internal users or groups, enter the user’s email addresses. In the Role area, choose the access privileges.

b.) For External guests, enter user’s email addresses. External guests are sent an email with a link to the shared folders. Guest will create a display name and password the first time they go to view the shared folders.

c.) For Public, enter the web address (URL) to use.

5.) In the Message area, choose which type of message to send to those who you are giving access. The message can be sent to internal users and external guests. If you selected Public, you have to notify the public of the URL.

6.) Click OK.

If the user accepts the invitation to share, a copy of the folder is put in the user’s account.