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How do I  start or stop an Axigen service via CLI?


To start or stop an axigen service via CLI you must enter the corresponding service context and use the commands:

START Service - starts the service

STOP Service - stops the service

We will provide an example of such a task for the POP3 service.

1. Log into the CLI using the telnet application:

telnet 7000

2. Enter the administrative username:

<login> user admin

3. Enter the password for the Axigen admin user:

<password> your_admin_password

4. Enter the server configuration context:

<#> config server

5. Proceed to the required service context (in our example POP3):

<server#> config POP3

6. Use the Start service or Stop service commands to perform the necessary actions:

<server-pop3#> STOP service

+OK: command successful

<server-pop3#> START service

+OK: command successful

NOTE: The above procedure can be applied for any Axigen service. Also the above start or stop service commands will have an immediate effect on the respective service response, NOT requiring the use of a "COMMIT" command.