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MDaemon suddenly stopped receiving external emails and I have not changed my configuration. What could the problem be?

This can happen for several reasons. Try the following steps:

1.) Send a test message from an external address to the server having the issue then check the SMTP(in).log file. If you are not see the connection coming in, check your firewall to make sure it is not blocking anything.

2.) If you do see the connections, try to follow the incoming message down its delivery path in the logs to see if any errors are encountered.

3.) If you have 3rd party anti-virus or anti-malware software running on your server, check it to make sure it is not interfering with mail flow.

4.) Verify that the problem domain's MX records are correct and that they have propagated correctly. It's possible that the sending mail server is attempting to establish a connection to the wrong mail server or the MX records don't exist.