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Important Note in regards to Message Sniffer installer fails on MDaemon 64 bit installation

Recently, we came across an issue on a 64-bit MDaemon install where the instructions in our original KB article did not work. That article can be found here. After much research, we found that MDaemon may have changed the way it passes the $MESSAGEFILENAME$ macro to the SNFClient.exe. If you come across an error in the SNFClient.exe.err log which says "What is this?", that means that SNFClient.exe can't understand the way the macro is being passed because of the single quotes that are around the macro. In previous versions of MDaemon, the quotes were required, but in the most recent versions, they are not. The solution is very simple. As you will see in our original article, you need to create content filter rules. The first rule is SPAM: Run Message Sniffer and the article gives instructions on how to set it up. However, if you are having the problem that we are describing above, you would need to use the following instructions for that one particular rule instead of the instructions in the original article...

Create a new rule called 'SPAM: Run Message Sniffer'
i. Apply this rule to messages in the LOCAL & REMOTE queue
ii. Select Condition: 'All Messages'
iii. Select Action: 'Run Process...'
Program to execute: Enter the full path and command to run your copy of Message Sniffer. Replace the file name with $MESSAGEFILENAME$  i.e... D:\SNF\SNFClient.exe $MESSAGEFILENAME$
Seconds: Set to -1
Force to terminate: Unchecked