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EU General Data Protection Regulation Directive 95/46/EC

All information here was borrowed from the GDPR website https://eugdpr.org

The Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 was the European Unions answer to the division of privacy regulations across the EU. Its major goals included the harmonization of data protection laws and the transfer of personal data to third countries outside of the Union. It established independent public authorities called Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) in each member state in order to supervise the application of this directive and serve as the regulatory body for interactions with businesses and citizens. It also provided for the allowance of transfers of personal data to third countries, onthe condition that said countries were authorized as having adequate levels of protection for the data that would be guaranteed to be comparable to those protections within the EU. Overall, the directive stays true to the original recommendation of the OECD and the core concepts of privacy as a fundamental human right.