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My Server does not accept mail from my Web script/applet. What do I do?

When the SMTP module receives messages, it tries to route the address specified in the Mail From command (the message 'Return-Path' address). If the domain name in that address is a name of the Server local Domain and the specified Account (or other Object) is not found in that Domain, the Router returns an error code and the SMTP module refuses to accept the message.

You should reconfigure your script/applet to use either an empty Return-Path (<>) for generated messages, or to use an E-mail address of some existing Account. If the script/applet cannot be reconfigured, you can create an Alias for any existing Account.

If, for example, your script/applet submits messages to your server with the <webform@mydomain.com> Return-Path address, and you do not have the webform Account in the mydomain.com Domain, you may want to create the webform alias for the postmaster Account. If delivery of a submitted message fails, the error report will be sent to the postmaster Account.