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Terminology J-L

Listbot: A piece of software that manages distribution lists. Also called a listserver or majordomo (after the name of a common list server).

List broker: A company that sells or rents lists of email addresses. Some list brokers are not reputable and sell lists with unusable or unsubstantiated candidates. It is therefore advisable for email marketers to build their own internal lists.

List owner: The owner of an email list defines the list's charter and policy (i.e. what the list is about and what are the general rules that all subscribers must accept in order to be subscribed to the list). The list owner is also responsible for administrative matters and for answering questions from the list subscribers.

LISTSERV®: L-Soft's email list management software and the first automated mailing list program created. LISTSERV allows users to create opt-in email lists, such as email newsletters, announcement lists and discussion groups.

LISTSERV® Maestro: L-Soft's email marketing software that allows users to manage and track sophisticated, database-driven opt-in email marketing campaigns.