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How can I make my formmail-type CGI work with CommuniGate Pro?

Formmail and similar CGIs are used to send E-mail messages from regular Web Server HTML forms. Implemented in the form of a Perl script, these CGIs use the legacy sendmail program to send the composed messages.

On most platforms, CommuniGate Pro software installer does not replace the legacy sendmail program, though the package does contain the sendmail replacement program. In order to use that program, you should modify your Perl script: you should find all references to the sendmail program (usually the default path used is /usr/sbin/sendmail), and replace them with the {application directory}/sendmail references.

For example, if CommuniGate Pro and your CGI are installed on a MacOS X system, where the CommuniGate Pro application directory is /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/, the CGI script /usr/sbin/sendmail strings should be replaced with the /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/sendmail strings.