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Can I use Message Sniffer with AXIGEN?

Yes. You can use Arm Research's SNFMilter to use Message Sniffer with AXIGEN.

Once you download and install SNFMilter, please read our KB Article on How To Define Filters That Provide Milter Interfaces Into AXIGEN. This will explain what you need to do to make Message Sniffer work with AXIGEN.

Important note: Make sure that the filter names for the two rules are consistent. You need to add two separate advanced acceptance/routing rules. One for defining the filter and one for triggering its execution. If you do not do this, you will experience a naming mismatch and Message Sniffer will not work.

For example, within the first rule, if you are adding a milter filter with the name "SNFMilter", in the second rule, in the Execute Filters - Name Pattern field, you should type a substring of this particular filter name, or simply "SNFMilter". If the name you provide here, in the second name, is not a substring of the name of the filter you added with the first rule, the filter is added, but never actually executed.

Important note: You need to allow AXIGEN to access the socket. You can do this by following these instructions:

1) Stop both snf-milter and axigen (just to be safe):

  service snf-milter stop

  service axigen stop

2) Edit /etc/snf-milter/SNFMilter.xml to cause the socket group to be changed to axigen when SNFMilter creates the socket, so that the Axigen server can read/write from/to the socket:

Change the line

<socket type='unix' path='/var/snf-milter/socket' group='snfmilter'/>


<socket type='unix' path='/var/snf-milter/socket' group='axigen'/>

3) Make snfmilter a member of the axigen group to let SNFMilter change the group of the socket after SNFMilter creates the socket.:

usermod -G axigen snfmilter

4) Finally, make the /var/snf-milter directory readable by axigen:

chown snfmilter:axigen /var/snf-milter

5) Restart snf-milter and axigen:

service snf-milter start

service axigen start