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Declude is seeing all mail as outbound when running SmarterMail 17x

As of SmarterMail version 17x, the domainList.xml file is no longer used by SmarterMail because they moved from .xml format to .json format, but in order to have Declude run properly, it needs the domainList.xml to be in the SmarterMail Service directory, where it used to be in SmarterMail 16x and below.

The way Declude knows which domains live on your server is through the domainList.xml file. Without this file, Declude will see all mail as outbound and it will not be scored properly.

Even though the domainList.xml is no longer used by SmarterMail, if you upgraded from a previous version of SmarterMail, you should still have a copy in your Service directory. If not, let us know and we can provide one to you.

What you need to do is make sure that you have a line in the domainList.xml for each domain that is on your server. You will need to add these lines manually because SmarterMail will not add them to the domainList.xml automatically when you add a domain through the SmarterMail admin interface since again, SmarterMail no longer uses that file in version 17x.

UPDATE... We found an alternative solution to this issue instead of having to add each new domain to the domainList.xml...

When Declude does outbound scanning, it uses the bottom of the global.cfg to take action on an email. What you can do is find the OUTBOUNDSCANNINGSPAM directive in the global.cfg and set it to ON. Next, set the actions at the bottom of the global.cfg to WARN like this...

##<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<OUTBOUND TRIGGERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This won't stop Declude from seeing the messages as outbound, but this will allow Declude to scan the messages, score them properly, then pass the weight to SM so SM can take whatever action you set up for your LOW, MID and HIGH spam thresholds.