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Declude will not run with SmarterMail 17x

Starting with SmarterMail Build 6911 (SmarterMail 17x), SmarterTools has changed their file format from xml files to json files which breaks Declude because Declude depends on two SM .xml files in order to start and run properly.

For people who are upgrading from a previous version of SM (16 and below) to SM 17x...

If you have upgraded from a previous SmarterMail version to version 17x, you should still have the .xml files that Declude needs to run. The first file in SM that Declude needs to run is the mailConfig.xml located in the SmarterMail Service folder.

If you have upgraded from a previous version of SM, you should still have this file, but it will be renamed to mailConfig.old.xml

We have verified with SmarterTools that you can rename it back to mailConfig.xml without any repercussions to SM 17x. To do this, simply right-click the file and rename it to mailConfig.xml.

Next. be sure to set the mailConfig.xml to read-only or SmarterMail will rename it again if you restart the SmarterMail service. To do this, right-click on the file and go to Properties. Put a check in the Read-Only box then click Apply > OK.

As for the second file you will need, it is the domainList.xml. This file should already be in your Service folder and there is nothing you need to change to make it work.

Go to your Windows Services area and restart the decludeproc service. To find your Windows Services area, do a search for Services.msc then click on it.

Lastly, go to your SM admin interface, disable Declude then click save. Now, re-enable Declude and click save.

If you have a freshly installed SM 17x, you will not have the two xml files needed to make Declude start, however, you can take a copy of the two files from a different SM server (version 16 and below) and use those. If you do not have another SM server running where you can do this, please reach out to us at support@mailsbestfriend.com and we can possibly provide one for you.