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How to back up Smartermail

In order to back up Smartermail, you will need a backup solution such as BackupExec, Veritas or various other backup solutions. If you do not have a backup solution or the budget for one, you can simply use Robocopy.

Follow these steps to configure Windows to regularly back up SmarterMail:

Download the Windows Resource Kit Tools package and install it. The package can be downloaded from here.
(The resource kit does not support 64-bit systems).

Create a batch file in C:\ called backupsmartermail.bat.

Edit it with notepad and enter the following, replacing DEST:\FOLDER\ with the destination drive and folder of the backup:

@echo off
cd "C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\"
md "DEST:\FOLDER\service"
md "DEST:\FOLDER\mail"
echo Backing up config files...
robocopy "C:\program files\smartertools\smartermail\service" "DEST:\FOLDER\service" *.xml /ZB
echo Backing up mailboxes...
robocopy "C:\SmarterMail" "DEST:\FOLDER\mail" /MIR /R:6 /W:10 /ZB

Save the file.

Add a scheduled task to Windows to execute the .bat file on a regular basis.

NOTE: Professional backup solutions will typically be more resilient to failures and file locking, but for those without the budget to buy one of those solutions, this is better than doing no backups at all. Use of this method of backup is not supported by SmarterTools. Please exercise caution when setting up the backup and confirm that the backup is running correctly by executing a trial run.