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How to configure Outlook 2016 (Version 1706 and Above) with ActiveSync

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail (v16x).

This article provides steps on establishing an Exchange account using ActiveSync in Outlook 2016, specifically version 1706 and above (released July 2017). These steps can be used for earlier versions of Outlook 2016 as well.

Follow these steps to sync SmarterMail to Outlook 2016 using ActiveSync:
On the computer where Outlook is installed, open the Windows Control Panel.

Double-click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) to open the configuration settings for Outlook.

Click on Email Accounts

On the Email tab, click on New

Select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.

Select Exchange ActiveSync and click Next.

Enter the following details:

Your Name - The display name that will be shown on emails you send.
Email Address - Your full SmarterMail email address (ex: username@domain.com).

Mail server - The address of the mail server. This typically takes the form of "mail.domain.com" or "webmail.domain.com". You may need to contact your SmarterMail administrator to learn the specific format used.

User Name - Your full SmarterMail email address (ex: username@domain.com).

Password - The password used with your SmarterMail account.

Click Next and Outlook will test your account settings. If the connection is successful, Outlook will begin importing the SmarterMail mailbox. (If the test connection results in errors, please contact the administrator of your SmarterMail account. They may need to provide the server's unique settings, assign ActiveSync to the account or troubleshoot the connection failure using the SmarterMail logs.)