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How to configure Smartermail as an anti-spam gateway

Applies to Smartermail 8.x - 14.x

Incoming gateways can be utilized to perform spam checks and antivirus scans, host third party antivirus and/or antispam software, and to pre-scan email messages prior to delivery to the primary mail server. Load is also reduced on the primary server as the incoming gateway manages all incoming sessions and performs abuse/intrusion detection.

Follow these steps to configure SmarterMail as an incoming gateway:

Log into SmarterMail as the system administrator.
Click the settings icon.
Expand the Routing folder in the navigation pane.
Click Incoming Gateways.
Click New in the content pane toolbar.
Click the Options tab.
In the Gateway Mode field, select Domain Forward from the list.
Type the IP address or IP Range in the appropriate field(s) for the target server(s).

If you are using SmarterMail as a gateway to another SmarterMail server, you will also need to follow these steps:

Select the Enable SmarterMail gateway mode checkbox.
Click the SmarterMail Gateway tab.
Type the SmarterMail URL, username, and password used to log into the primary mail server in the appropriate fields.
Click Save.

Expand the Bindings folder in the navigation pane.
Click IP Addresses. A list of IP addresses will load in the content pane.
Select the desired IP address and click Edit.
Select the SMTP checkbox.
Click Save.

In DNS, change the MX records of your domains to reference the new gateway server.

Once these steps are completed, install and configure any third-party antivirus or antispam products. All other configuration settings are optional