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How do I enable TLS for outgoing mail in SmarterMail?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a security protocol that allows the transmission of data to be encrypted. This allows users to access email through a third-party email client without the fear that someone has intercepted their data. TLS will encrypt once the STARTTLS command is sent. TLS will need to be set up over ports 25, 110 and 143. To enable TLS in smartermail, follow the instructions below.

The following method applies to SmarterMail 7.x - 12.x

Follow these steps to manage the TLS settings for outgoing messages on a per-domain basis:

Log in to SmarterMail as the system administrator.

Click the Domains icon.

Select the destired domain and click Edit in the content pane toolbar. The domain settings will load in a new window.

Click the Technical tab.

In the TLS field, select the appropriate option.

Click Save.