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How to fix blank password and user defaults issue after a Smartermail upgrade

Some users may notice that after a Smartermail upgrade, some of the email address in Smartermail have passwords which are blank, including the domain admin passwords in some cases. In addition to this, some users may notice that their user default settings such as mailbox size limits, etc... have been set back to the default server settings. Simply put, the cause of this is the UserConfig.xml files become corrupt and in some cases get wiped completely. This issue can be caused by several different things, but it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the why. One possible reason is antivirus or backup software locking the UserConfig.xml files while Smartermail is writing to them. Another possible reason could be that the UserConfig.xml files were already corrupted in your previous configuration and upgrading wipes the Smartermail memory and forces users to see a fresh copy of the UserConfig files so if the UserConfig.xml was corrupted from the previous version, it will be corrupted in the new version of course.

Whatever the reason may be, there is a very easy fix if you made a complete backup of your Smartermail Domains folder before the upgrade. All you would need to do is download a file syncing program such as Free File Sync and copy all of the Userconfig.xml files from your backup directory to your Smartermail domains. You can do this with the Smartermail service running and there is no need to restart the service once the copy is complete. This will restore all of the users passwords and user settings back to what they were before the upgrade, thus resolving the issue.