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How to integrate Message Sniffer directly into MailEnable 9 Pro using SpamAssassin In a Box

[ ] Install SpamAssassin In A Box for Windows
[ ] Click next-next-finish installation

[ ] Enable SpamAssassin in MailEnable 9
[ ] In the MailEnableAdmin program, expand MailEnableManageMent->Servers->localhost->Extensions
[ ] Left Click on Message Filter under Extensions
[ ] Right click  SpamAssassin panel to the right, and click the Enable button
[ ] To test if SpamAssassin Agent correctly installed locally, keep the default properties, and click the Test button under the General Tab in the SpamAssassin Properties menu.
[ ] If correctly installed, Expand MailEnableManagement->Messaging Manager->Post Offices
[ ] Left click Spam Protection and the "Fails SpamAssassin" option in the right panel should have an "Active" Status.

[ ] Install the SNFServer from https://www.armresearch.com/Downloads/index.jsp
[ ] Select other/custom platform install when asked during installation.
[ ] After installation, confirm SNFService is Running.
[ ] Open a cmd window and type : Net Start
[ ] This will give you a list of services. If you see SNFService in that list, then XYNT has wrapped the service.

[ ] Setup the SN4SA plugin.
[ ] Download the SNF4SA plugin from https://www.armresearch.com/message-sniffer/download/SNF4SA.zip
[ ] Move the snf4sa.cf and snf4sa.pm files to C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\sa-config

[ ] For SpamAssassin to correctly load the SNF4SA plugin, you must restart the SpamAssassin Daemon Control service.
[ ] Open Windows Services
[ ] Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog, type services.msc, press Enter
[ ] Find and select the SpamAssassin Daemon Control service in the right panel
[ ] Click the Restart the service button in the left panel.