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How to move a Smartermail installation to a new server

The article applies to all Versions of SmarterMail.

1.) Install SmarterMail on the new server and follow the instructions for setting up IIS if you plan on using it instead of the SmarterMail Web server.

2.) Stop the SmarterMail Service on both servers.

3.) Copy all .xml and .dat files from the Service directory of your install path from your old server to your new one. By default that path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\Service. Note that mailConfig.xml and domainList.xml are the only files absolutely required to be copied over.

4.) Copy all domains folders from their directory on the older server to the same directory on the new server. By default the path domains are stored in is C:\SmarterMail\Domains   

5.) Start the SmarterMail service on the new server.

6.) Log in and re-activate the software on the new server.

7.) If you change the path to your domains, you would need to edit your domainList.xml file accordingly to reflect the new paths.
8.) If your IP address or other DNS info changes, update the corresponding setting in SmarterMail and restart the SmarterMail Service (or reboot the server) to make the change effective.

NOTE: These steps assume that the domain data is stored in the default C:\SmarterMail\Domains directory and that the product is installed in the default location.