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How to reindex a mailbox in SmarterMail 8x - 15x

Applies to SmarterMail 8.x - 15.x

1.) Log in to SmarterMail as the domain administrator.

2.) Select the desired Domain and choose the Manage option on top of the menu bar or right click on the Domain.

3.) Click the Settings icon.

4.) Expand the Domain Settings folder in the navigation pane and click Users. A list of users on the domain will load in the content pane.

5.) Select the desired user and click Reindex in the content pane toolbar.

The user will then be reindexed. If you have multiple users reindexing at once or the users reindexing have large mailboxes, this can take some time to complete.
If, for any reason, a user's mailbox is stuck reindexing, simply stop and restart the indexing service on the server and the lock will clear up.

You can look at the status of the reindex by logging into the SM admin interface as the top level admin then click on Manage then Indexing Status.