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How do I report false-positives when using the SmarterMail OEM version of Message Sniffer?

If you are using a reseller, report the FP to your reseller and they will report it to ST. If you are a direct customer of ST without a reseller, you would need to contact sales@smartertools.com or open a support ticket with them and submit the FP. Either way, you would need to submit the following info:
Provide a copy of the original .EML file, along with the rule that was triggered. This information can be found
in the Message Sniffer logs, and would reference the .EML file name.

<i u='20180320162359' context='--INITIALIZING--' code='0' text='Success'/>
<s u='20180320162359' m='c:\SmarterMail\Spool\SubSpool1\341445313016.eml'
s='0' r='0'>
<p s='12' t='15' l='428' d='180'/>
<g o='0' i='' t='u' c='0' p='0' r='New'/>