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How do I set separate smtp banner for each hosted domain?

In order to set-up the Axigen server to use a different banner for each local domain, you need to have separate IP's on your station, that are set, in your DNS settings, for each of the required domains, as MX's. The local IP, corresponding to a specific domain, will be used in combination with an acceptance and routing rule to accomplish the necessary settings.

1) Go to WebAdmin -> Security & Filtering context -> Acceptance & Routing -> Advanced Settings and click the  Add Acceptance / Routing Rule button to create a new rule.

2) Define a suggestive name for this rule in the General Settings section. 

3) In the Conditions section select "Local address -> IP", click the "Add Condition " button and enter, in the corresponding field, the IP of the domain you wish to apply the banner for via this rule.

4) In the Actions section select from the drop-down box: "SMTP -> Banner" and add it to the new rule. In the banner field enter the desired banner text for the respective IP. 

5) After defining the above settings click the "Save Configuration" button at the bottom of the page, in order to make sure that the new rule is saved into your AXIGEN configuration.

NOTE: Repeat these steps for each required domain, using in each rule the IP corresponding to the respective domain.

IMPORTANT: You should disable the currently used "Override default SMTP banner" option in the "Acceptance Basic Settings", for the above rule to work. Also the DNS MX settings for each of the domains, should point to the corresponding domain IP.