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How to set up a Message Sniffer Feedback Loop using Declude

In order to get the most out of Message Sniffer, creating a Message Sniffer Feedback Loop within Declude helps Arm Research provide more accurate rule definitions appropriate for your server traffic. The directions to do this are as follows:

1.) Add the following line to your Declude global.cfg file:

SNF-FEEDBACK      NOHIT  SNIFFER               30          0              0

2.) Create an email address on your server with your SNF license key as the user. For example, if your sniffer license is tfbdggk, you would create an email address of tfbdggk@domainofyourchoice.com

3.) Add the following line to your Declude $default$junkmail file:

SNF-FEEDBACK    COPYTO    tfbdggk@domainofyourchoice.com

If you have a per-domain configuration in Declude where you have multiple $default$.junkmail, $user.junkmail files, add the line to each of them for best results.

4.) Submit an email to us at support@mailsbestfriend.com with the email address you set up, the password and the incoming mail server. We will pass the information on to Arm Research so they can set up their system to pop the account several times per day to collect the spam samples that land there. The more they collect, the better Sniffer becomes.