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How to submit spam samples to Arm Research

Please send an email from your registered address or alias to spam@armresearch.com.

The following are a prioritized list of how to forward spam to Arm Research:

1.) Redirected spam trap. If you have one or more of these, please let Arm know and they will set up a special collection point where you can redirect these messages

2.) Redirect the message to spam@.

3.) Forward (*see below) the message to Arm at spam@ in as much the original form as possible. Some email clients forward messages more or less intact. Others tend to completely rewrite and/or "defang" messages that are forwarded. The former is preferred.

4.) Include it as a message attachment but only one message at a time and if possible please include the original headers. Arm doesn't always use these since most submissions to spam@ are suspect, but if they do dig deeper on a particular submission then the extra detail can be very useful.

*Forwarding Spam:

To submit spam to Arm for filtering is to simply forward the unwanted message to spam@armresearch.com. This is fine for occasional submission by you and/or your staff. Please do not instruct your users to submit spam to this address directly. If you wish to do something like that, it's best to set up a UserTrap. Alternatively, you can set up an alias on your system where your users can forward spam and then have that alias redirect those messages to the spam@ address.

Technical Issues / Submission Format:

Submit each message individually. Do not batch submissions. Arm's system will very likely filter out the entire batch after catching only one piece of one message in the batch. As a result they will most likely never see the rest of the batch.

It is best for Arm to receive spam submissions exactly as they arrived at your server with their headers and mime structure in its original condition. Remember that SNF will see the messages in their raw SMTP format as they are arriving at your server.

Do not simply submit message headers. Submit the entire message in SMTP format. Message Sniffer looks at the entire content, header, and structure of the message. Often the rules that matter most are the ones that take advantage of how the message was put together.

When in doubt it is usually o.k. to simply forward spam to Arm's spam@armresearch.com address.