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How to work around Message Sniffer installation error - "Smartermail was not reliably installed"

If you are running a 64-bit version of SmarterMail and you try to install Message Sniffer, you may receive an error which says "SmarterMail was not reliably installed". This happens because the Message Sniffer installer was made to install Message Sniffer on 32-bit SmarterMail and it is unable to find the 64-bit registry keys.

There is a very easy resolution for this issue. Instead of choosing "SmarterMail /w Declude" when installing Message Sniffer, choose "Other". You can then install Message Sniffer to any directory that you like and it will work without issue. Most folks install to [Drive Letter]\SmarterMail\Declude\SNF to keep everything neat and tidy, but again, you can install Message Sniffer to any directory and it will work as long as the Sniffer lines in your Declude's global.cfg point to the install directory.