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What do I do when email gets processed by Declude and is handed back to the Imail spool for delivery, but nothing happens?

Starting with the release of Imail 2006 (Imail 9) mail gets processed by Declude and is handed back to the spool for delivery but nothing happens. Even after forcing the Q-manager and restarting the SMTP service, the messages continue to sit in the spool.  After swapping out Imail's delivery application to its default smtp32.exe from declude.exe and restarting all services, mail leaves the spool and is delivered properly.  This has only been reported by Imail customers that have decided to use the default installation path of C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Imail rather than specifying a directory path that does not contain any spaces, such as C:\Imail etc...


****While working within the registry it is always recommended that you make a backup before proceeding with this change.****

start>run>regedit will open the registry.  Highlight the top directory "My Computer" and choose edit>find.  Search for the following strings (there may be several instances of each) so hit f3 to search for next until no more can be found.

C:\program files\Ipswitch\imail\declude
C:\program files\Ipswitch\imail\spool
C:\program files\Ipswitch\imail\smtp32.exe
C:\program files\Ipswitch\imail\smtpserver.exe

In every location that these paths are found edit the path like this:


There appears to be the inability to read past the space in the PROGRAM FILES directory path only when something other than SMTP32.exe is specified as the delivery application.  RESTART the server. This IS NECESSARY, for your change to be effective.

**Note** this also applies to the Imail path with the "collabaration suite" in its name. In that case collaboration suite path would look like this: C:\progra~1\Ipswitch\collab~1\Imail\Declude and on 64-bit systems where the program files directory is program files (x86). In this case, the paths would need to look like this: C:\Progra~2\Ipswitch, etc...