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How to Migrate an Account from Exchange to Zimbra

You can use the migration tool to migrate a Microsoft Outlook profile or account containing personal folders (PST files), to ZCS. You can also migrate archived PST files.

Note: It is recommended to perform the migration during off-peak use times.

You do not need to stop the Exchange Server to migrate accounts. Emails sent to or delivered from Exchange after the account has been migrated are not saved in the ZCS mailbox.

Start the Migration:

1. Execute the ZimbraMigration.exe file.

2. In the Welcome dialog box, select User Migration.

3. Click Next.

4. Select the Source of Data to Migrate

5. Select whether the source data should migrate from a user’s Outlook profile or from a specific PST file. 6 ZCS 8.0 Zimbra Collaboration Server.

Migrating to ZCS from Microsoft Exchange:

1. Choose the source of the data to migrate.

2. Click Next.

3. Enter Destination Server Information

4. Enter the destination Zimbra server information and your credentials.

5. In the Destination dialog box, enter your Zimbra server credentials.

6. Click Next.

Select Migration Options:

Select the account options to migrate Zimbra Collaboration Server ZCS 8.0 7

Migrating Individual Accounts:

1. In the Options dialog box, select the items and folders to migrate.

2. Select how to filter the information you are migrating.

• Migrate On or After: Only the information on or after the specified date is migrated. Use this filter to discard old messages.

• Maximum message size: The message size includes the message and attachments. If you do not specify a size, the Zimbra server setting for maximum message size is used. You cannot specify a size larger than the global MTA setting for maximum size of a message. The default is no size limit. Check with your system administrator to find out the maximum message size that can be migrated.

Note: You can view and change the Zimbra server Maximum size of a message value from the Administration Console Global Settings>MTA tab.

• Skip these folders (separate with a comma): Enter names of folders that you do not want to migrate.

• Skip previously migrated items: Previously migrated items will not be included in the migration process.

• Select Verbose Logging to collect extra data on the migration process. If a message is not migrated, you can inspect the log to determine the cause of failure.

3. Click Migrate to begin the migration process.

View Migration Results:

After the migration, the Results dialog box displays the accounts that are migrated and their status, including progress, errors, and warnings. 8 ZCS 8.0

To view the details for an account, double-click the account.

Verify that you can access your new account after been migrated to the Zimbra server.

You should verify that the migration was successful before deleting the account from Exchange .