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How to restore a user's email folder in SmarterMail 16x and 17x

Before restoring a user’s email folder, ensure the backup file is in the correct location on the server. By default, the path to a user’s email folder is C:\SmarterMail\Domains\domain.com\Users\username\mail. When your backup file is in place, follow these steps to restore the email folder to the user’s mailbox:
Log in to SmarterMail as a System Administrator.

Click on the Manage icon.

In the Domains section, click the Actions (...) menu to display your options and select Attach Folder.
A modal will open. In the Email field, enter the full email address of the user that will have their folder restored.

In the Folder Path field, enter the path of the folder within the Web interface. For example, if you’re restoring a subfolder that was created under the Inbox, the folder path would be “Inbox\Example Folder.”

If the folder you're restoring includes any sub-folders, make sure the Recursive toggle is turned on. This will ensure all sub-folders are restored as well.

Click Restore.