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Scanning different hops in Declude

Declude allows you to work over multiple hops. This means that if E-mail isn't delivered directly to your mailserver (for example, if the MX record for your domain points to a virus scanner or gateway mailserver, that then forwards to your mailserver), you can still use Declude. If you have a set number of hops in front of your mailserver, which you may not know the IPs of, the HOP option may be useful.

When set to 0 (the default), Declude JunkMail uses the IP address of the  mail server that connected to  your mailserver.


Spammer --> Relay --> Declude (Declude will check

If you set it to 1, Declude JunkMail will check the IP address 1 hop away.  You would use this if you have 1 SMTP server before your mailserver


Spammer --> Relay --> Declude (Declude will check

If you want to scan a range of hops, you can use the HOP option along with the HOPHIGH option.
In this case, you would set HOP to the first hop that you want to scan, and HOPHIGH to the last hop that you want to scan. If you want to scan the IP of the mail serverthat connected to yours, as well as the one that connected to it, you would set HOP to 0 and HOPHIGH to 1. Be aware that every hop you scan will require extra time for DNS checks.


Spammer --> Relay --> Declude (Declude will check and

Normally, you will leave the HOP setting at HOP 0 and use an IPBYPASS line for each gateway or backup mailserver.

Email should never be sent directly from a senders client (other than your own users) to your mail server as these are Dial-up or Dynamic Ip addresses. Therefore Declude will ignore any test that contains DUL, DYNA, DUHL in the name after the first HOP