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How to install Message Sniffer with Declude on a SmarterMail server

Download the SNF Client/Server Win* Installer from the following link: https://armresearch.com/Downloads/index.jsp

Run the Installer and choose the Smartermail with Declude Install option.

If you get an error saying that says SmarterMail was not reliably installed, follow the instruction here to work around that: https://know.mailsbestfriend.com/how_to_work_around_message_sniffer_installation_error_smartermail_was_not_reliably_installed--1744562615.shtml

Once you get Sniffer installed, go to the SNF directory and open the snf_engine.xml. Find this line:

<sync secs='30' host='sync.messagesniffer.net' port='25'/>

Change it to this…

<sync secs='30' host='sync.messagesniffer.net' port='80'/>

Save the snf_engine.xml

Restart the SNF service from your Windows Services area.

Open your global.cfg in the Declude directory and make sure you have the following 3 lines:

SNIFFER  external  NONZERO  "[PATH]\Declude\SNF\SNFClient.exe" 25 0
SNIFFER-CAUTION  external 040 "[PATH]\Declude\SNF\SNFClient.exe" -10 0
SNIFFER-TRUNCATE external 020 "[PATH]\Declude\SNF\SNFClient.exe" 25 0

Change the [PATH] to your actual path. For example.. C:\SmarterMail\Declude\SNF\SNFClient.exe

Save the global.cfg.

Restart the Decludeproc service from the Windows Services area.